1. Project Name: Valaippadu community center -by St’ Anns Youth Club
  2. Location: Poonahiri District, Kilinochi  Northern Province
  3. Description about project: According to the reports we have, there are about 400 families and about 500 children attending schools from this area. Youths from this remote village, wanted to provide access to information for the children from this area for them to have a wider knowledge. They applied to the appropriate authorities there to construct a community center with Library. But the funds they managed to get was only about 30% of the estimated cost. They requested CTCT to provide the rest of the funds to complete the project.
  4. Objective of project:  To create reading habit among children and adults from this area. Also, to have a center for the hard-working people from this historic area to get together and discuss the issues related to their community.
  5. Funding Information: We decided to engage EDS for this project as well. The proposed building was inspected by our representative from EDS to get the details of the project, its status etc. The building plan and the estimate was reviewed by the Board of CTCT and decide to alter the plan to bring down the cost without loosing much of the space. They were asked to provide a complete breakdown of all the remaining items with costs. According to their reply:

To Complete the building                             = 750,000.00

Furnishing the center                                     = 200,000.00

Reading materials                                            = 200,000.00

They agreed to find the furnishing and Reading materials through Local help. With the amended plan CTCT agreed to provide Rs 500,000. To complete the building. We sent C$ 2000 for this project as the first instalment.