1. Project Name:  Coaching Gr 11 Students from under privileged area to qualify for Gr 12 – (GCE (A/L))
  2. Location: Eastern province, Central Province and Vanni region of Sri Lanka
  3. Description about project:          The purpose of the project is to increase the number of students from underprivileged areas gaining admission into Gr 12 (GCE(AL) ). EDS; the NGO that is working with CTCT to improve the standard of Education among Tamil children did a detailed analysis on the above subject from the nation-wide results from previous years and found out that certain Tamil areas are below in the national list. They sent a proposal to CTCT to screen these schools and select students by a standardised testing and put them through a program. CTCT accepted this project.   EDS prepared a unified teaching material for Science, Mathematics, Tamil and History and distributed these papers to the schools from which students were selected. EDS also conducted seminars for the teachers from these schools so that the teachers can take extra classes based on the material provided by EDS. These classes were conducted during weekends and supervised by coordinators. Teachers and coordinators were paid for this and EDS provided them all the materials for the course. They also invited teachers from other parts of the country, who were considered the best in Science and Maths to teach a selected group of students. These lectures were recorded for future use.  CTCT provided major funding for this project. Jeevatharam Foundation participated in Thirukovil Zone. An Engineer working in Monaragalla volunteered to teach the students in her district.
  4. Objective of project: To enable a child to reach Gr 13 which is a basic level required for any further advancements.
  5. Funding information:  1692 students from 60 schools followed these classes in 18 centers.  Total cost of this project was Rs 1,231,600.00
  6. Initial Stage about project: Project started in Sept 2017.  
  7. Photo while project in progress: Construction was delayed during the rainy season.
  8. Outcome: Outcome of this project will only have known after the results and analysis by EDS. EDS and CTCT is considering making use of the school system and Recorded lessons instead of conducting weekend classes to reduce the cost.
  9. Proposal and Approval: Cost evaluated by EDS to maintain a center was about Rs 72,000. Number of Centers were decided based on Number of students and the proximity of schools that are participating. This created a problem in transportation for students from remote areas for week end classes.  Even though the cost for this project was high, CTCT considered this initiative as essential due to the neglected condition of Tamil Children in areas.
  10. See some of the letters of appreciation from various Zonal Directors and Principals. ( we have a few of them)