A group of like-minded individuals with a desire to uplift the lives and livelihood of Tamils who are left helpless and without a support system.

Our Story

This organization was created by a few individuals who wanted to alleviate the suffering of   Tamils in Ceylon and all over the world who are enduring the after-effects of being displaced and persecuted for generations and still unable to rebuild their lives.  Even though the Eelam war ended long ago, the Tamils there are struggling to move forward, and are still unable to achieve their basic needs due to a lack of resources and support systems. We also strongly felt the need to prevent the deterioration of Tamil’s Cultural values, Language and Heritage, to infuse hope and determination for a better life among the Tamil people.

Our Mission

To show a path to succeed to our brothers and sisters who have been neglected and are suffering.

To help Tamils around the globe to achieve a quality life.

To rebuild the lives of Eelam Tamils.

To ignite the passion for the Tamil Language, Culture, and Heritage.

To show the benefits of co-operation, to succeed as a community.

Our Philosophy

Although the needs are numerous, Tamils have developed an apathy for getting together to help fellow Tamils. The once generous Canadian Tamils are distancing themselves from Aid organizations due to their bitter experiences of the recent past. Therefore, our organization was formed with the commitment of keeping accountability and transparency as its two fundamental values.  We also committed ourselves to work with any organization that has the same values, with the intention to utilize our limited resources to benefit the most.


Our Constitution and By-Laws ensure accountability and transparency in handling funds.  We realize the importance of every penny we collect and therefore we have made a commitment to utilize the funds for project-related expenses only. Money sent abroad is transferred through Banks to ensure accountability. All the details of our accounts are displayed on our website to ensure transparency.