Name: Canadian Tamil Community Trust


OBJECTS: The Establishment of Canadian Tamil Community Trust(CTCT) for the purpose of :
1. To identify and undertake projects that can enhance the welfare of Canadian Tamils enabling them to contribute to a healthy Canadian Society
2. To Promote Tamil language and the core values of the Tamil Culture among the Tamil diaspora.
3. To participate in projects that are beneficial to Tamils anywhere in the globe in collaboration with NGOs(Non-Governmental Organizations) and other N P O s(Non Profit Organizations)
4. To support relief efforts in any part of the world in Natural/man-made disaster situations


CTCT is incorporated as a Not-for Profit Organization in Ontario and has the legal authority to conduct its affaires accordingly.



CTCT shall have the power to conduct its affairs according to the stated objectives, constitution and by-laws and any deviation from these are not legal


1.1 The CTCT shall receive and spend funds for the stated goals only. The CTCT shall also have assets for the sole purpose of advancing the goals. Revenue and expenditures are governed by the constitution and by-laws and are to be audited by a registered auditor in the province of Ontario.
1.2 The CTCT intend to generate revenue in the following manner
1.2.1 Membership
1.2.2 Fundraising
1.2.3 Donation
1.2.4 Dividend from investments in businesses
1.3 The CTCT intend to utilize its revenue for following purpose only
1.3.1 Donation
1.3.2 Projects
1.3.3 Operating expenses
1.3.4 Revenue generating Investments in businesses


Membership of CTCT:

1. Any Tamil Canadian who agree to be abide by this constitution, By-Laws, have No arrears in his/her membership dues and have No reports of improper conduct can apply to become an ordinary member of CTCT

2. The Governing Board of CTCT will have seven (7) members. They are President, Vice President, Secretary, Asst. Secretary, Treasurer, and two members.



Governing Board:

1.1 The governing board is the highest authority, excluding protectors, of CTCT and shall manage the affairs of CTCT including, receiving and disbursing funds in accordance with the constitution and by-laws. Decisions made with a simple majority by the board are final and binding

1.2 Governing Board is responsible for the advancement of CTCT and expected to initiate projects within its mandate.

1.3 The term of (duration) board is four years

1.4 The first board is as provided in the Registration document

1.5 First three members of the board will vacate the position at the end of second year. (Vice President, Secretary and one of the board members).


Protector Clause

2.1 Protector by the constituted power can terminate any director by a unanimous decision if the person is found to be deviating from or misinterpreting the stated objects.

2.2 Three members from the founding group of people shall become the first body of protectors.

2.3 Any vacancy in the body of Protector can be filled by consensus from remaining protectors.


1.1 Logo (to be designed and adopted by both general assembly and the board)


Dissolution: Upon the dissolution of CTCT, all dues and commitments settled and the audited balance/ assets to be transferred to any charitable/ Non-Profit organization as approved in a properly convened general meeting.



Amendments to this document

1.1 The following cannot be changed

1.1.1 Objects

1.2 Any other changes can be made according to this constitution and by-laws by the full presence of the members of the general assembly by a 2/3 majority



SECTION 1 Eligibility to be a valid member of CTCT

1.1 Membership is recognized only when membership fee paid in full and receipts issued and the Board has approved the application.

1.2 Any member who was found to have violated the constitution and by-laws can be denied the membership by the board

1.3 Withdrawal of a membership is valid but only after paying all the arrears and settling any other disputes with the board.

1.4 Membership is not transferable.

1.5 Membership is terminated on death, conviction by the court and if the arrears of membership dues exceed one financial year.

1.6 Membership fee, any exception is the matter for the board to decide.

1.7 Only those who has had valid membership for full year prior to a voting process can vote

SECTION 2 Eligibility to be a member of the Governing Board

2.1 Those who have had valid membership for two consecutive years can apply to become a member of the governing board.

2.2 Submitting a security clearance from the Law enforcement with the application to become a member.

2.3 Submitting income tax return of the previous year.


SECTION 1 Meetings

Meetings shall begin with a minute of silence
Minutes of the previous meeting, agenda for the current meeting and any special issues to be taken up in the meeting all should be distributed to all the participants before starting the meeting.
1.1 Board meeting: the following are to be determined

1.1.1 Venue
1.1.2 Frequency
1.1.3 Special meetings
1.1.4 Notice for the meeting
1.1.5 Minutes of the meetings in English/ Tamil
1.1.6 Secretary/ assistant responsible for preparing and keeping records of all the meetings
1.1.7 Quorum: One less than total Directors are considered Quoram
1.1.18 Dispute resolution, disciplinary procedure etc.
1.1.9 Agenda and any other business in addition to the prepared agenda

1.2 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

1.2.1 Auditor’s report
1.2.2 Annual report

SECTION 2 Accounts and Book keeping

1.1 Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all the records of financial transactions.

1.2 Signing authority can be any two of the following




1.3 Approval of funds for disbursement

         Within $500 by President

         Above that by Board

1.4 Deposit all moneys within 3 working days

1.5 No cash withdrawal from bank

1.6 Book keeping according to industry standards and norms.

1.7 Board is responsible for the annual audit report

SECTION 3 CTCT’s Public Relations

1.1 Board designated person shall represent CTCT.

1.2 Expenses shall be covered

1.3 Complete report to be submitted within a week and should be included in the agenda for the next board meeting.

1.4 Lack of participation by anyone who took the responsibility should be recorded in the board meeting


SECTION 1 Administrative Staff

1.1 Appointment after due process of selection by the board

1.2 Number of officers required to be decided by the Board

1.3 Wages and benefits to be determined by the Board

1.4 Disciplinary procedure, dismissal etc. determined by applicable labour laws

1.5 President is responsible for overseeing the administration of the office.


SECTION 1 CTCT initiated projects: The following has to be observed

1.1 Policy regarding the selection of projects

1.2 Consultation with members

1.3 Feasibly and allocation of funds

1.4 Approval by the Board


SECTION 1 CTCT maintaining its interest as a Shareholder in a business, the following has to be observed

1.1 Policy regarding investment ( the policy of the business not in conflict with the Objects of CTCT

1.2 Procedure regarding managing the business to ensure the expected return for the investment by CTCT

1.3 Shareholder agreement


SECTION 1 In participating in Projects initiated by other organizations that are beneficial to Tamils, the following has to be observed

1.1 Any request / invitation to participate is strictly governed by the Objects of CTCT

1.2 Board shall make the final decision with a simple majority

1.3 Limitation on the funds to be allocated.


Participating in projects that are significant in any disaster situation,the following has to be considered:

2.1 Decision to participate to be taken by the board with an overall benefit to the Tamil community directly or indirectly.

2.2 Limitation on the funds to be allocated.


SECTION 1 Disciplinary procedure

1.1 Can be initiated only with a written complaint by a member in good standing

1.2 Sectional head can make a report to the board after initial investigation

1.3 Board may decide to call for explanation

1.4 Board make the final decision

1.5 Every member of the board is responsible for upholding the constitution by maintaining integrity and confidentiality.

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