1. Project Name: Arangalayam – Cultural Centre by Theater Action Group- Jaffna.
  2. Location: Jaffna, Northern Province Sri Lanka.
  3. Description about project: : The cultural fabric of the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka has been destroyed by the long civil war and there is an urgent need to rebuild the society for them to gain their lost confidence and unique character. The Theater Action Group, initiated this Community Development project, is headed by well known Social Activist Dr. Sithamparanathan , retired professor from Jaffna University. TAG has acquired a property in Jaffna and in the process of renovating for this as their first center. TAG waned CTCT to help them in the renovation. CTCT accepted the project after verifying the authenticity of the beneficiaries.
  4. Objective of project: A community Development Project through cultural means where theater is used as the main tool for Social change. People will be able to gather in centers in many parts of North and East where they will participate in community development activities.
  5. Funding information: CTCT contributed C$ 2000 for this project through Bank.
  6. Project Completion Photo: Acknowledgement from TAG was received. The status of the project, progress and the history of TAG can be viewed in their face book page.