1. Project Name: Accessible Toilets for ex-carders with special needs
    2. Location: Mullaithievu District, Northern Province Sri Lanka
    3. Description about project: The Northern Provincial Government compiled a list of Ex-carders who sustained crippling injuries and had to be provided with Accessible Toilets. CTCT was requested by Mrs. Sriskantharajah; the MP for Mullaithievu district  to undertake this project and provided us 10 Beneficiaries from the list.  The project was coordinated by her, and implemented by Olirum Valvu., a Local NGO. Olirum Valvu was selected based on the credibility and its lower construction estimate. CTCT accepted the project after verifying the authenticity of the beneficiaries with the local government.
    4. Objective of project: To provide a hygienic environment and decent life for those who participated in the freedom struggle.
    5. Funding information: Project was successfully completed at a cost of SL R 1 Million funded by CTCT. Funding was sent through the banks in three stages after verifying progress on the ground.
    6. Initial Stage about project: Project started in Jan 2016.     (Beneficiaries Photos/ Initial list available )
    7. Photo while project in progress:
  1. Project Completion Photo :