1. Project Name: Assisting the victims of the 2015 flood in Tamil Nadu, India
  2. Location: Chennai and surroundings- Tamil Naadu.
  3. Description about project: December 2015, East Coast of Tamil Naadu was devastated by a heavy rain and massive flooding.  The response from the Governments were slow and many thousand of Tamils were left without even proper shelter and care. CTCT decided to get involved to alleviate the suffering of our brothers and sisters.  After careful consideration we decided to request a credible local NGO called  “Puradchchi Periyar Muzakkam”  to do the relief work for us.  Mr Kolathoor Manny a well known social activist from this NGO accepted the project.
  4. Objective of project: To provide immediate relief to the most remote areas until the mass scale effort begins.
  5. Funding information: CTCT sent IND R 100,000  through the banks on Dec 10, 2015.
  6. Project Completion Photo:   We received mails acknowledging the help from Mr. Kolathoor Manny. He notified that the money was mostly used for providing cooked food, candles and clothing in 3 districts, Chennai, Kadaloor and Kaanchi. He also asked us not sent any more money as the Government has started its relief work.

We have the reply from Mr. Kolathoor Manny