Following the successful completion of the above program in 2017, EDS and CTCT received requests from various Zones in the North and East provinces to continue this. Few Schools from Mannar, Monaragala and Puttalam also sent us requests to include them in our program.  Due to the large number of schools that are interested in joining this program, CTCT discussed with EDS the difficulties on conducting this program in the same manner as in 2017. Bringing Thousands of children to Centers will also require enormous effort and money. As a result, we requested EDS on the possibility of getting the individual schools to take responsibility of teaching with the assistance from CTCT. In the mean time some zonal directors wanted this program to be conducted at all the schools by the school system. But our purpose of conducting this program is to provide quality education for the children from under privileged area.

EDS is an organization managed by experts and with many years of experience in providing educational services in the North and East. Realizing all these difficulties, EDS came up with a different approach to do this project. They proposed to train teachers Instead of bringing Students to centers.  In this method:

  • EDS will prepare a hand-book (2018) of teaching materials for Maths and Science
  • Teachers who are assigned for teaching Grade 5 classes from all the schools that are identified needing help will be called for a seminar that will be conducted by EDS. The hand book will be distributed to each of them. Seminars are to guide teachers on the content of the hand-book and the method of teaching for the Grade 5 examination.
  • Further seminars and coaching materials may be required if there is any change from the Ministry of Education.
  • EDS will prepare a trial examination towards the end of the program to assess the level of achievement of the students.
  • The top achievers will be given additional coaching to compete in the national level.


Training sessions have been conducted in many areas. Due to lack of support from the Ministry of Education – Northern Provincial Council, the participation from Vanni area has been affected. However, the responses from schools have been overwhelming.



Details of Participants are given below