Project Background
Due to the long war the most populated province of mattakillapu was affected the most. The war has ended eight years ago; still the people are not able to develop economically. Due to the war and other issues like alcoholism, the provided is home to the marginalized population.

The households that are led by women, the household of fallen fighters and wounded fighters are the most affected. There has to be focus on rebuilding these families.

Project Duration
Two years

Project Coordinated by
Education Development System

Funding provided by

1. Prospectors
a. building
b. sewing machine
c. coordinators
d. sewing teachers
2. Coordinators
a. sewing machines
b. Needed equipments

Kajavathani (33) of Mahilavedduvaan. Her husband is from Siththandi of Maavadivenpu is a martyr. Kajavathani has two daughters and has remarried another porali. Starting her own business will lead her into a brighter further. By providing this help, other women like her will benefit as well. Men can also be employed with this centre as the people who take the products to sell outside.

They will gather the necessary equipment’s and knowledge to start this centre.
They will also help in marketing these products to be sold
They will also over the spending of the funds
They will buy initial startup equipment’s and see how the workers are producing, then only they will use the funds to buy more equipment’s.

Paying back
There will be no interest added to this fund. The workers have to pay back the $150,000amount in an 18 month period paying back the money monthly.


1st phase $96,000
Equipment’s $100,000
Materials $4,000
Total $200,000
2nd phase $96,000
Equipment $150,000
Materials $4,000
Total $250,000