1. Project Name: Sponsoring one child from a family of an Ex-Combatant or Maaveerar to provide Education up to Gr 13
  2. Location: Vanni and Eastern Province
  3. Description about project:          Many families of ex-combatants are languishing in poverty due to loss of life or protracted illness of the main bread winner.  Tamils abroad gave hope to those who came forward to risk their life that they will placed high esteem but have failed.  On seeing the benefits of the project for Gr 5 scholarship funded by CTCT, few families approached EDS to educate at least one child of theirs. CTCT believes that providing uninterrupted Education for at least one child from a poor family, will help the entire family to prosper. EDS developed a plan to provide quality care and education for these deserving children. CTCT has accepted 15 of these children for 2018.
  4. Objective of project: To provide hope for families of Maaveerar or severely incapacitated ex-combatant by providing education for one child from that family.
  5. Funding information: .  Cost of providing care and education for one year per child is estimated to be C$ 750.  These children will be placed under the care of a registered facility which will provide food, lodging and all the other needs for these children to have an un interrupted access to their studies up to Gr 13. CTCT is in the process of securing sponsors for the 15 children we accepted.